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Welcome to your holistic health journey into perimenopause & menopause.

Hi, I'm Missy!

I'm a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Certified Health Education Specialist, and
trained skin care specialist. I have worked in the health and wellness space for over 30 years. I
love what I do and I am on a mission to empower and guide you to discover your own personal holistic, intentional, and joyful journey into perimenopause, menopause, and beyond.


My own journey into perimenopause, recently turning 50, and working with hundreds of women
focusing on weight loss and fitness, inspired me to go within and challenge all that we've been
told around this phase of life. I have a strong desire to redefine this time and discovered that
there are so many invitations to learn and grow. I learned to embrace this new era of my life as
a new beginning, a "Second Spring" as it's referred to in Chinese Medicine.


As a functional medicine health coach, I have learned how past experiences and how you
speak to yourself can create patterns as a means of self-protection. They can have a major
impact on how you feel as you step into this new journey. I've learned that your vibration, joy
and the energy you surround yourself with is just as important as what you eat, how you
move, and the things you do to manage your stress.

My Care Philosophy

I love what I do and believe that all women have the power within to achieve their best health and life by rediscovering their innate feminine wisdom, joy, intuition and learning to reconnect to our bodies. I empower women to listen to their body, and tap into their intuition to uncover what they need to heal and what they want to manifest in their lives.

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